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Unparalled culinary traditions, culture and the natural beauty of undiscovered corners of Italy

Monte Rufino Nature Reserve

Central Italy’s Hidden Beauty (5 days)

Sense the perfumes and colors of nature, wandering from medieval towns to beautiful forests in an unspoiled land between Rome and Florence.

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Circeo National Park

Explore the history, nature, and legends of sunny Southern Italy through varied modes of exploration. Enjoy the wonders of the Plain Forest on foot or by bike, trek to Picco di Circe to see a great variety of landscapes, and take a sailboat or canoe out in the crystal blue waters.

Colline Metallifere Tuscan Mining Geopark

Discover the Heat of the Earth, an underground world filled with natural and culture heritage. Local experts will guide you through a territory with spectacular scenery formed by an ancient geologic phenomena. Walk among an extensive network of mining tunnels initially designed for experienced miners. Taste wine and other typical Tuscany products which emerged from the region´s unique geodiversity.

Torre de Cerrano

A 4-day tour across space and time, exploring the concept of “sustainability” as developed through the centuries. Enjoy trekking, cycling, snorkeling and diving in a wonderful blend of nature and culture, enriched with authentic flavours and ancient heritage.

Ulysses Riviera

Experience the Ulysses Riviera park as a true explorer and discover a land full of myth and history, doused with the sweet perfume and unmatched cuisine of the Italian Mediterranean.


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