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Looking to get closer to the places you travel? Learn to prepare a dish from someone whose family has been making it for generations? Happen upon a village festival and be invited in to dance until dawn? Our multi-day trips are designed to help you feel the true essence of the place in the Mediterranean, the Tropics, and around the world and put you in a place where these unscripted happenings thrive.
As close as you can get to being a local without moving there!



  • Albania North: Visit the “sleeper hit” of the Balkans, linking together five protected areas into an experience filled with stunning mountain scenery, flowing rivers and waterfalls, amazing coastal landscape, an unforgettable farm stay, and ancient mountain codes of behaviour for you to learn as you explore.


  • Albania South: Explore the wild heritage of the Albanian Riviera, filled with history, culture, heritage and gastronomic richness. Enjoy hands-on experiences with local people as you hike and swim through Albania´s nature parks.
  • Kornati National Park: Explore this dense Mediterranean archipelago by land, by sea, and through the stories of ancient people who created its landscape.This area is known for its magnificent geomorphology and underwater biodiversity, including more than 1,500 marine species and more than 650 terrestrial species.


  • Lastovo Islands Nature Park: Welcome to the Croatian island where life still moves at a slow pace and old customs remain. Explore on foot, by bike, in a kayak and underwater. Stay with a local family, see Europe´s darkest skies, and meet the last wood ship builder on the island. Immerse in local cuisine while enjoying greens from the fields and seafood from local fishermen.
  • Calanques National Park: Active multi-sport itinerary with local guides focused on conservation of the park´s natural heritage, including hiking, biking, kayaking, sailing, cooking, and meditating.


  • Camargue Regional Nature Park: A hidden gem of Provence where the Rhône river meets the Mediterranean. Explore on foot, bicycle, and horseback, marvel at colonies of pink flamingos, learn about the secrets behind the region’s rice and vineyards, and cook alongside a famous French chef.


  • Port Cros National Park: Forget everything you know about the French Riviera. Reach for adventure and discover rich biodiversity each day as you cycle, hike, and kayak your way through the Mediterranean’s oldest marine park.
  • Northern Lights in Iceland: This itinerary is built around a bucket-list favorite, the search for the mysterious and beautiful Aurora Borealis. Though it’s never a guarantee, your chances of seeing this night-sky phenomenon are quite high, and we’ve arranged for several special evenings on the hunt with your private guide complemented by only-in-Iceland experiences. Your guide will be with you throughout your journey, and we’ve mixed in some exploration of the things that make Iceland special: natural wonders, outdoor adventure, and rich Nordic culture.


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