Cedars, Gods, and Faces (8 days)

From Biblical Cedars to Phoenician Gods, Mount Lebanon is an open book ready for your exploration. On the way, discover traditional villages which hide their natural treasures conserved within two different Biosphere Reserves, and spend time with locals who hold the keys to traditions spanning more than 4,000 years.

  • Walk in the shadow of a Biblical Cedar Tree in Barouk range
  • Encounter a Druze Sheikh and listen to him share his long-held beliefs
  • Play the craftsman: try your hand at a weaving loom and make a traditional felt wool hat
  • Feel the presence of the Emirs dynasties within the walls of Beiteddine Palace, and wander around medieval streets in order to learn their stories
  • Be amazed by the 1,300 meters deep Mythological Adonis Valley and hike around its beloved Jabal Moussa mountain while exploring its varied biodiversity
  • Cooking (and eating) Lebanese cuisine together is never a lesson, it is an enchantment


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